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Around the Nation

Here are four arts and culture videos from public broadcasting partners around the nation.

Off Book looks at the rise of web comics: “Moving beyond the restrictions of print, web comic artists interact directly with audiences who share their own unique worldview, and create stories that are often embedded in innovative formats only possible online. Sometimes funny, sometimes personal, and almost always weird, web comic creators have taken the comic strip form to new, mature, and artistic heights.”

Watch The Rise of Web Comics on PBS. See more from Off Book.


From KCET’s ARTBOUND, “Under the Influence: Michael Miller’s L.A. Hip-Hop Photography,” a look at “the go-to lensman for countless album covers and publicity stills during one of California hip-hop’s most vibrant eras.”

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From OPB’s Art Beat, a profile of painter Matthew Dennison, whose “work combines figures and environments in unexpected ways — such as a bear on the Bonneville Dam, or a narwhal confronting a family in a ski boat — to re-jigger assumptions about where animals belong in our ever more human-dominated world.”

Watch Painter Matthew Dennison on PBS. See more from KOPB.


Idea Channel asks, “Do Knock-Offs Prove the Value of a Brand”
“We’re willing to pay hundreds or thousands more for a specific brand name item, but sometimes it can be tempting to go the way of the knock-off for a fraction of the price. The counterfeit industry is huge and isn’t going anywhere, and companies spend huge amounts to dissuade people from buying “fakes”. But are knock-offs REALLY a negative for the brand?”

Watch Do Knock-Offs Prove the Value of a Brand? on PBS. See more from Idea Channel.

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