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Around the Nation

Here are four arts and culture videos from public broadcasting partners around the nation.

The latest from the series “Blank on Blank” by PBS Digital Studios: “Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful”:

Oregon Art Beat explores Julie Green’s “The Last Supper,” an exhibition of 500 plates, each one representing the last meal of a death row inmate:

Watch The Last Supper on PBS. See more from KOPB.


From NOVA’s “Secret Life of Scientists,” a profile of Paul Frommer, a linguist and professor at the University of Southern California. (Art Beat spoke to Frommer in 2009 after “Avatar” hit theaters.)

“Away from the classroom, Paul created a new language — Na’vi — that is used in the most popular movie in the history of forever, James Cameron’s ‘Avatar.’ Paul continues to ‘curate’ the language for the many people around the world who find it fascinating even outside the movie theater.”

Watch Paul Frommer: Creating A Language on PBS. See more from Secret Life of Scientists.


Idea Channel asks, “Is Community a Postmodern Masterpiece?”

“Though the TV show ‘Community’ has never achieved huge ratings, it has a passionate cult following, including us here at Idea Channel. The show plays with genre and narrative in such a creative way that it brings to mind the cultural and artistic theory of Postmodernism.”

Watch Is Community a Postmodern Masterpiece? on PBS. See more from Idea Channel.

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