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Around the Nation, Friday Roundup

Here are some of this week’s arts and culture headlines from public broadcasters around the nation:

Oliver Sacks in 'Musical Minds', NOVA
– Happy 4th of July! NPR looks back at a celebration last year in Denver when jazz singer Rene Marie surprised an audience with a variation on the National Anthem. NPR Music also rounded up a sampler of other favorite alternative American anthems (see: Sonny Rollins, Talking Heads).

– The KPBS Film Club spend their summer the way most of us want to: in the movie theater. This week they discuss Dillinger biopic ‘Public Enemies’ and Iraq war action film ‘The Hurt Locker.’

WNYC takes a video look at the Whitney Museum’s retrospective on Dan Graham (conceptual artist, rock n’ roll godfather to bands like Sonic Youth and purveyor of “anarchistic humor.”)

– If you missed NOVA’s Musical Minds (based on neurologist Oliver Sacks’ book “Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain”) on PBS this week, you can still watch the video online — but only for a limited time!

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