Around the Nation, Friday Roundup

Here are some of this week’s arts and culture headlines from public broadcasters around the nation:

Joel and Ethan Coen on the set of 'A Serious Man,' the writer/director duo's latest film. Photo by: Wilson Webb

– While Toronto Film Festival-goers got an early peek this week at the new Coen Brothers film ‘A Serious Man,’, fans from the Coens’ hometown Minneapolis can take in all of their films this month at the Walker Arts Center. The retrospective, ‘Joel and Ethan Coen: Raising Cain,’, celebrates the broad range of their 25 years of film work, and promises a rare appearance by the brothers. Minnesota Public Radio profiles the Coen Brothers in an audio feature and a slide show of their films

– In Philadelphia, WHYY takes a look at how a partnership between the New Jersey Symphony and Opera New Jersey may be cost saving for the groups, but not the ideal option for freelance artists.

– Artist Lucia Neare creates outdoor performances in Seattle using dancing white rabbits, large owls and beds floating on water. “I’m really interested in the possibility of making up wonder, that things that are unexpected could be beautiful. That around the next corner might be something stunning waiting for us….in the scheme of things, it’s pretty small what we’re doing but any bit of joy that we can foster is really helpful,” Neare told Seattle’s public radio station KPLU.

– Finally, a story you can appreciate on your way home from work. The New York City commute just got a little brighter, with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s installation of a new colored tile wall created by the late conceptual artist Sol LeWitt, WNYC reported.

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