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Around the Nation Roundup

Here’s a selection of art and culture reports from local public broadcasting stations and national producers:

Lou Reed– Former Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed takes his camera above ground in a new exhibit of his landscape photography at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art. KERA talked to Reed about his photos and their unintentional, but striking resemblance to German romanticist painting.

NPR’s Monkey See blog picks up on a story from the LA Times about a new Disney marketing strategy to win back boys because it’s convinced that they won’t go to a movie whose title indicates it’s about a princess. Blogger Linda Holmes (mother of three boys) argues that Disney is underestimating its young male viewers and insulting the girls.

WNET’s SundayArts talks to William Kentridge about his design work for the Metropolitan Opera’s new production of “The Nose” and a major retrospective of his work at the MoMA.

SXSW kicks off in Austin next week. To get you excited, NPR Music has lots of goodies, including a list of 100 of the best songs by the artists appearing there this year, plus a free 11-track playlist.

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