Benedict Cumberbatch on taking on Sherlock, Richard III

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays British mathematician Alan Turing in the new film “The Imitation Game,” answered readers’ questions. Watch his full interview on Friday’s PBS NewsHour.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a busy man.

After a press blitz to promote his new movie, “The Imitation Game,” the 38-year-old actor is already back at work playing Shakespeare’s Richard III in the BBC miniseries, “The Hollow Crown.” And of course there’s “Sherlock,” the BBC/Masterpiece crime drama in which he plays the iconic detective and which will soon begin filming its fourth season.

Jeffrey Brown recently spoke to Cumberbatch about those two characters, which have been played many times by some legendary actors — a fact Cumberbatch finds both daunting and comforting.

“It means that the culture can obviously take reinterpretations of these great, great, iconic roles and also there’s something in each, all of those performances that still draws people in,” he said.

We put a few audience questions to Cumberbatch — about his most challenging role thus far, where Sherlock Holmes fits in to the characters he’s played and how “real” the character of Sherlock is to him. You can watch his full interview about “The Imitation Game” on tonight’s program.