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Can you swim? James Bond’s submarine car Lotus Esprit auctioned for $1 million

The car that converted into a submarine as James Bond famously drove it into the ocean in “The Spy Who Loved Me” sold at an auction earlier this week for just shy of $1 million.

The submersible Lotus Esprit was discovered in 1986 by a Long Island building contractor in a storage container he purchased for $100 — roughly $213 today and about 0.02 percent of the winning bid. The Guardian reports that the Lotus Esprit was one of eight vehicles used in the 10th official Bond movie, and is said to be fully functional in submarine mode, but cannot be driven on land. It was sold at the RM Auctions house in London for £550,000, following a bidding war between two rival collectors.

The 1977 bond movie starred Roger Moore as Bond, his third time playing the role.

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