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‘Everything But the News’ gives NewsHour fans a comical behind-the-scenes look

The fifth episode of “Everything But the News” explores the intersection of fitness and technology. Spoiler alert: the show pokes fun at none other than PBS NewsHour.

PBS Digital Studios’ Web series “Everything But the News” follows PBS NewsHour’s public media-obsessed and supposed cub reporter Steve Goldbloom, as he reports on the latest tech trends out of Silicon Valley and beyond. The show gives viewers like you what we’ll call a faux “real” behind-the-scenes look at the making of a NewsHour story.

“Our segments are the lost pieces of the edit room that should never make air,” said Goldbloom, a former inhabitant of NewsHour’s newsroom.

Striking a balance between comedy and reporting, the show dives into the worlds of Vidcon and YouTube, online dating and ride-sharing, and most recently, fitness and technology. But “fun” isn’t exactly the word Goldbloom and producer Noah Pink would use to describe the experience.

“It looks like fun. Unfortunately, it took a lot of editing,” said Pink.

After getting permission from PBS and the NewsHour to run with the show, Goldbloom and Pink — who’ve known each other since babyhood — worried that at any minute of filming, someone, as Goldbloom frequently imagined, would call in to question the decision to “give this animal permission to do this” or even pull the plug.

Fears aside, Goldbloom and Pink spent a good deal of time researching the companies and people profiled in each episode, in preparation for each interview.

“I like to think we prepared as much as we did for an ordinary segment,” Goldbloom said. “The last thing we wanted was for it to look like a high school play.”

There are facets of the show that are indeed fake. “Jordan Smith” for instance, supposedly Goldbloom’s “PBS producer,” is in fact (gasp!) Goldbloom’s cousin from Toronto.

But one thing that’s undeniably real are those intros from Judy Woodruff, Gwen Ifill and Hari Sreenivasan. How did Goldbloom convince them to partake in the show?

“I just asked.”

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