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Friday’s Art Notes


Video installation ‘The Colosseum on Fire’ (El Coliseo en Llamas) by artists Pio Diaz of Argentina and Thyra Hilden of Denmark, is projected onto Rome’s ancient Colosseum on September 16, 2010 in Rome. Photo by Andreas Solaro/ AFP/ Getty Images

Read more about the installation here, via Reuters.


Casey Affleck, director of the film “I’m Still Here,” which portrays the actor Joaquin Phoenix as a washed up, drugged out mess who has decided to quit acting, says the film was not a documentary, but an elaborate performance, via The New York Times.


Arts journalism gets a boost in Atlanta, where a new foundation has pledged $90,000 in grants to support culture criticism, via The Atlanta Journal Constitution.


Comedy Central’s satirical news show hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert plan dueling marches on Washington on October 30, via the Los Angeles Times.

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