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From Samantha Crain, a Sound the Size of Oklahoma

Video produced by Victoria Fleischer, Allie Morris and Sarah Svoboda.

Samantha Crain is not a singer-songwriter who limits herself to a single genre or even, as she put it, a single place. “I love touring and I travel even whenever I’m not on tour. It’s a bad habit,” she told Art Beat before a recent concert at the Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The 26-year-old from Shawnee, Okla., has a big sound, her powerful vocals showcased by a unique blend of folk, roots and blues. Described by Crain as “Americana,” her songs appeal to a broad audience rather than tailor to a specific genre.

“You can fit folk in there, you can fit country in there, and roots music, which I think pretty much hits all the bases of what I do,” she said.

Crain draws inspiration from her time on the road. “I started playing music to travel…the traveling and the meeting people and the getting to see different places is what powers my songwriting,” she told us. Her acclaimed 2010 album “You (Understood)” is a reflection of that with each of the songs written about interactions she’s had with people.

Her new album “Kid Face,” set for release on February 19, 2013, has a more intimate tone. The lyrics on that compilation are reflective of her life and experiences. “This is the most personal album I’ve written…all of these songs are completely things that have happened to me or my own thoughts in a specific situation,” she explained.

See what Crain has to say about her music in the video above. For more of her concert, watch the full performance of her song “Scissor Tales” below.

Video produced by Victoria Fleischer, Allie Morris and Sarah Svoboda.

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