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7 ways the Internet celebrated Back to the Future day

Thirty years ago, “Back to the Future Part II” took Doc Brown and Marty McFly on a trip through time to … today. That is, Oct. 21, 2015. In a new video message released today, Doc, played by Christopher Lloyd, welcomes us to this future, albeit a bit different from the one first imagined.

“Your future is whatever you make of it,” he said.

Doc wasn’t the only one who took a trip through time in honor of the day.

The NASA team proved they’re in the know.

Astronauts and scientists showed their wit.

Who doesn’t love inside jokes? Nike made a tease about McFly’s lace-ups, and Harvard stopped their clock for the day at 10:04 — a nod to the time lightning struck the Hill Country Courthouse in the movie.

Things got meta when “Back to the Future” producer Frank Marshall went back to “Back to the Future” to bring us some “Back to the Future” behind-the-scenes photos.

As of this posting, noticeably absent from the “Back to the Future” frenzy is: the Chicago Cubs. Since the movie famously predicted that they would win the World Series in 2015, this seems like the perfect time to steal the limelight. (And tonight would be the perfect night for a win, seeing as they’re on the brink of being eliminated altogether from the series by the New York Mets.)