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Jim Lehrer’s ‘Super’ Office Tour

I remember walking into Jim Lehrer’s office for the first time last summer for my job interview and no amount of preparation could have readied me for the enormous collection of intriguing and distracting bus memorabilia in there. For a few seconds, I remember telling myself to stop staring at all the stuff, that I needed to focus, focus, focus. I got a few questions in edgewise about it at the end of the interview.

The collection isn’t some sort of Jedi mind trick to throw visitors off their game, it is part of how Jim grew up. He explains more eloquently in this video tour.

Jim is embarking on a cross-country tour, visiting PBS stations while also promoting his 20th novel – “Super,” which is set on a streamliner train in the 1950s, and I had the chance to give it a preview read. I’m not a big fiction reader but this was a pleasure to read, partly because I could almost hear his voice narrating it.

I also gained a great deal of respect for the meticulous way in which he researches his subject. He writes it as if he had ridden the ‘Train to the Stars’ a hundred times, as if he was a ‘Super Regular.’

We’ll be tracking Jim’s travels on this map so check back with us for updates over the next few weeks.

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