Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari on the importance of satire in the face of darkness

Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari sat down with senior correspondent Jeffrey Brown to discuss their new film, “Rosewater,” and how humor can be a salve in adverse situations.

“Rosewater,” the screenwriting and directorial debut of “The Daily Show” host and executive producer Jon Stewart, retells an ordeal endured by journalist Maziar Bahari, who was held captive in Iran after returning to the country to cover the presidential election in 2009.

Other members of Bahari’s family had also been held captive. Bahari’s father was imprisoned by the Shah of Iran in the 1950s. His sister was held under the Revolutionary Government of the Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1980s.

Both Stewart and Bahari told Jeff that humor — satire particularly — can play a powerful role even in dealing with horrible situations.

“Even in the darkest time, humor is one of those elements that you can retain your sense of humanity with, that can give you some comfort, and act as some defense,” said Stewart said.

And a nice coda to the story: Bahari and his wife, a lawyer who championed his cause, gave birth to a baby girl days after his release from prison.

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