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Lianne La Havas defies easy labels in Grammy-nominated ‘Blood’

Video by Frank Carlson, Amanda Gomez and Jordan Vesey.

When British singer-songwriter Lianne La Havas arrived in Jamaica, her mother’s native country, in 2014, she quickly connected with her surroundings.

“It was really moving, emotional for lots of reasons, just because my family are from there, but I had never seen it before,” she said. “And it was nice to go there and feel connected to a place. That was feeling I never felt before.”

That trip was a driving inspiration for “Blood,” La Havas’ second album and the one that earned her a nomination at this year’s Grammy Awards in the best urban contemporary album category. Canadian musician The Weeknd took home the prize Monday night.

We spoke with La Havas more about how she defines her music, how her Greek-Jamaican roots influence her and her experience touring in the U.S. Watch her full interview above or on the NewsHour this week.

This report is part of “My Music,” a series where musicians delve into their work with the NewsHour.