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Poet Rupi Kaur reads her poems from the stage of the Rose Theatre in Brampton, Canada. Credit: Jaywon Choe

Listen to Rupi Kaur, one of the most popular poets in the world, read her work

PBS NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown recently traveled to meet the insanely successful young poet Rupi Kaur in her hometown of Brampton, Canada, to talk about her poetry, the many people it’s touched, and where it all began.

While there, Kaur read to us from her recent collection of poems, “The Sun and Her Flowers,” which has sold a million copies since its release in October, and her first book, “Milk and Honey,” which spread widely on social media and has reached millions — many of them young women — around the globe.

Kaur writes about womanhood, love, loss, trauma, sexual violence, and how to heal. Below, listen to her read several of those poems aloud. She read to us from the stage of Brampton’s Rose Theatre, where she graduated high school.

From “The Sun and Her Flowers”:

From “The Sun and Her Flowers”:

From “Milk and Honey”:

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