Artists with developmental disabilities team up to create life-size board game

Video produced by Jackie Shafer.

If you were a superhero, who would you be? And who, or what, would be your nemesis?

In an exhibit at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio, artists transformed a gallery into a life-size board game called “Superland.” Each sculpture in the exhibit is made from recycled materials by the members of ARC Industries’ Sunapple Studios, a group for artists living with developmental disabilities.

“These individuals have so much to offer,” Jan Montgomery, director of ARC Industries, said. “They wanted to create. And they are extremely creative.”

During the creation process, the artists were encouraged to think about what their superhero identity would be and how to build the experience of a board game, Geoffrey Martin, arts administrator at the Cultural Arts Center, said. The result is a diverse, vibrant set of installations and sculptures made from plastic, lights and other repurposed materials. The Columbus Dispatch described the exhibit as similar to “visiting the world of the classic Beatles’ song ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.'”

The exhibit will be on view through Nov. 14.

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