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Looking at a marriage through (the art of making) rose colored glass

Artists Barbara and Larry Domsky of Domsky Glass have been married for two decades and have been working side-by-side for even longer. Their work is known internationally and now, in a new studio with a new gallery, their relationship and their art continue to grow and thrive. Video produced by Matt Christensen and shot and edited by Adam McCarthy of Las Vegas PBS.

If you walk through terminal 3 at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, you’ll pass two glass and metal sculptures, each 90 feet by 19 and a half feet, hanging on the wall. “Cloud 9” and “Sunset Mirage” took Larry and Barbra Domsky six years to make, their largest project yet.

The Domskys, the married couple behind Domsky Glass, have been together for 20 years, working together to produce a wide range of glass and metal structures from large-scale installations like the one in McCarran to gallery work and awards and corporate gifts.

McCarran International

McCarran International Airport

“I love creating and I think art, it’s a piece of me that I’m passing on to people,” said Barbara. “Just seeing the colors and the pliability of the material it really excited me it still excites me I love it.”

After the couple was first married, they opened a small studio together and just kept growing.

The Domsky's great glass with hot glass, kiln formed glass and hot fusion, which is the combination of hot glass and kiln formed glass.

The Domskys create sculptures from hot glass, kiln-formed glass and hot fusion, which is the combination of both of those forms.

“We’re best friends — I mean we work at it every day. We usually get up together, breakfast together, drive to work together, work all day and then go home and cook dinner,” said Larry.

But that doesn’t come without it’s challenges.

“We both have different points of view in working with the medium of glass,” said Barbara. “But we have an awful lot of respect for each other not just in our relationship, but as artists and that really elevates the end process”

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