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Monday on the NewsHour: Albany Park Theatre Project

The Albany Park Theatre Project was started in Chicago in 1997 by David Feiner and his wife Laura Wiley in one of the most diverse immigrant neighborhoods in the country. Their goal was to bring an after-school theater program to high school students who had few extracurricular alternatives. Each year, students research, write and perform a play based on stories from their own community.

Jeffrey Brown’s report on their newest and most ambitious work yet can be found here.

In this scene from the Albany Park Theatre Project’s newest play, “Home/Land,” a son visits his Mexican-born father in an immigrant detention center. Later, the father is reunited — briefly — with his family. John Paul Marquez plays the father, Raul Rico plays his son, Stephany Peres portrays the wife, and Paloma Reyes plays the young daughter:

Last year, the students wrote and performed “Feast,” a trio of stories from teenagers about their experiences living on food stamps. Troi Valles plays a character named Meena in this scene:

Here is an interview excerpt of Jeffrey Brown’s interview with Feiner about the theater’s unique mission:

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