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Monday’s Art Notes

Frontline recently profiled the dissident artist in Who’s Afraid of Ai Weiwei? on PBS

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

Artist Ai Weiwei, his wife Lu Qing and eight assistants were taken into custody over the weekend, though authorities refused to confirm that fact, via The Wall Street Journal. Many of the assistants have been released, but the others are still out of contact and assumed detained. Ai Weiwei was at the Beijing airport when he was taken away. Police cut also off power to his studio and took items. Ai Weiwei’s detention is the most high-profile in amongst a current crack-down of political and intellectual figures in China.


The Detroit Symphony Orchestra has reached a tentative deal with the management after a six-month strike, via The Detroit Free Press|topnews|text|Entertainment.


Last week, a visitor to the National Gallery of Art tried to rip a Gauguin painting off the wall, pounding the protective plastic covering and yelling “This is evil,” via The Washington Post.


In the wake of the overturned Google Books settlement, some see potential in an alternative digital book plan, via The New York Times.


Meanwhile, the Onion is going to be digitizing more of its older, printed content, via The Associated Press.

Art Beat talked to the Onion on its 21st birthday, and earlier this year when it launched its IFC series Onion News Network.

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