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Monday’s Art Notes

'Passover' by Arthur Szyk, 1948

“Passover” by Arthur Szyk, 1948; colored tempera, ink. Courtesy of the Center for Jewish History.

On the first day of Passover, the New York Times’ Edward Rothstein gives a critical reading of the Haggadah: “To make any sense of it, one must first see just how strange it really is.”


The board of the Philadelphia Orchestra voted Saturday to file for bankruptcy. The move makes Philadelphia’s the first major U.S. orchestra to file for bankruptcy, via the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Seattle’s Intiman Theatre, a Tony Award winner, is canceling the rest of its season and laying off all its employees, citing financial problems, via the Seattle Times.


The New York mansion that scholars believe inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” is being razed for a subdivision. Demolition of the 25-room mansion known as Land’s End began Saturday, via the Daily Mail.


An Egyptian court on Sunday sentenced antiquities minister Zahi Hawass to a year in jail and ordered him removed from his job. The sentence arose out of a dispute over the assigning of a contract to run a bookstore at the Egyptian museum, via Bloomberg. Hawass said on his blog that he intends to appeal the ruling.

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