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Monopoly is ditching the thimble, a token of the past

It’s game over for Monopoly’s iconic thimble token.

Hasbro, Inc. announced the classic game piece will not be part of an updated version of the board game.

In January, the company launched a worldwide vote, asking fans to pick eight tokens to be included in the next generation of the game. Fans were allowed to choose from more than 50 game pieces, including current and new tokens. Some of the new options included a rubber duck, a bunny slipper and an emoji.

More than 4 million votes were cast in the Monopoly Token Madness Campaign, which ended Jan. 31. The company announced Thursday the thimble token did not receive enough votes to remain in the game.

“Despite being an integral part of day-to-day life when the token was originally added to the game in 1935, the lucky Thimble has lost its ‘shine’ with today’s fans, and will be retired from the game,” Hasbro said in a statement to PBS NewsHour.

This is not the first time Monopoly has retired a classic game piece. In 2013, the company replaced the iron with a cat.

The company will announce the final results of the votes on March 19. The new fan-selected tokens will be appearing on the game in August.

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