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Meet the two new members of San Francisco’s legendary dance crew

The Renegade Rockers are legendary in the Bay area, having perfected the art of hip hop dance since 1983. Now, they have two new members: Alex Flores and Marthy Galimba, also known by their dance names Prince Ali and Marthy McFlyy.

Galimba’s style focuses on break-dancing and turf dancing, a style that originated in Oakland as an alternative pastime to keep young people from joining gangs. Flores said his dancing features popping, a funk style in which dancers quickly flex their muscles in time to music.

The Renegades love to test themselves in what they call “battles,” where two dancers face off against each other and judges from the community decide who comes out on top. Galimba said the battles are a good test of a dancer’s speed and strength. “If I’m in a battle, I’m always thinking quick … you’ve got to make your next move the best move,” he said.

Both Flores and Galimba draw inspiration from Renegade Rocker legend Omar Delgado, whose dance name is Roxrite. Delgado is a local icon who has won more than 82 dance competitions and is also currently a member of Red Bull BC One All Stars, a crew of 10 internationally renowned hip hop dancers.

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