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Tuesday on the NewsHour: Nick Cave’s Soundsuits Are Sculptures Come to Life

Chicago artist Nick Cave (not to be confused with the Australian musician of the same name) says he’s always been fascinated with items that have been cast off by others. Cave assembles thrift-store finds into life-size creations, which he calls “Soundsuits.”

Part sculpture, part costume, Cave’s Soundsuits have been exhibited in major museums throughout the world but have also been worn by dancers who perform in them on stage and in the streets. Cave says the idea is to meld sculpture with dance to create a living, breathing canvas.

Many of Nick Cave’s soundsuits use fake fur and raffia to create whimsical characters. Here’s a video produced by Cave of the Soundsuits in action:

Cave also often works with high school students. He recently conducted a workshop at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Ill. Cave provided the costumes; the students devised the choreography.

Jeffrey Brown’s piece on Cave from Tuesday evening can be found here.

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