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On Friday’s NewsHour: Statehouse Budget Battles, Protest Crackdown

STATE BUDGET BATTLES | A push to reduce state workers’ benefits and eliminate collective bargaining caused a furor this week as protesters descended on Wisonsin’s Capitol — and Democratic lawmakers fled to stall a vote. And similar cuts are being considered in other cash-strapped states. Judy Woodruff examines the predicament with Jonathan Williams of the American Legislative Exchange Council and Randi Weingartenof the American Federation of Teachers.

PROTESTS IN BAHRAIN, YEMEN, LIBYA | Protesters defied a ban on mass demonstrations Friday in Bahrain, holding funeral processions for those killed in clashes. At least 50 people were injured when shots were fired into the crowd. Growing unrest could also be seen in Libya and Yemen, part of a wave of anti-government sentiment. Jeffrey Brown gets details on the king of Bahrain’s proposal for dialogue with the opposition with Gary Sick of Columbia University.

HIGH-TECH INNOVATION | Correspondent Spencer Michels reports from Silicon Valley on the response of business leaders and the high-tech community to the president’s drive for innovation.

CONTINUING RESOLUTION | Congressional correspondent Kwame Holman reports on the fourth day of deliberations over a continuing resolution to fund the government in the House of Representatives.

SHIELDS AND BROOKS | Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks discuss the week’s top political news.

Jim Lehrer and Judy Woodruff anchor Friday night’s program. Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s other top headlines and a look at features on our website.

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