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On Thursday’s NewsHour: GM’s IPO, Terror Trials, Murkowski

GM BACK ON THE MARKET | The new General Motors generated excitement on Wall Street, as the revamped automaker’s initial public offering turned into the largest in U.S. history. We look at the automaker’s turnaround since its bankruptcy and $50 billion bailout. Jeffrey Brown speaks with Michael Robinet, director of global forecasting for industry research group IHS Automotive and Micheline Maynard of Changing Gears, a public radio project focused on the future of the industrial Midwest.

NEWS WRAP | Kwame Holman has a look at the day’s other headlines.

TERROR SUSPECTS IN CIVILIAN COURTS | In the wake of the Ahmed Ghailani verdict on Wednesday, what have we learned about the issue of whether to try terror suspects in civilian courts? Ray Suarez leads a debate between Yale Law School’s Eugene Fidell and former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey.

PRIMARY CARE DOCTORS | Betty Ann Bowser reports on an effort to inspire medical students to become family physicians.

‘ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE’ | Paul Solman talks to authors Joe Nocera and Bethany McLean about who’s at fault for the financial crisis.

MURKOWSKI ON RARE WRITE-IN WIN | Judy Woodruff speaks with the Alaska senator about her successful bid to retain her seat after a primary loss.

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