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On Wednesday’s NewsHour … Obama at G-20, Haiti Recovery, Deficit Proposal

OBAMA AT G-20 | President Obama arrived in South Korea Wednesday ahead of the G-20 Summit amid growing international criticism of the Federal Reserve’s recent economic decisions. We examine the president’s push in letting the free market help determine currency values.

NEWS WRAP | Hari Sreenivasan has the day’s other headlines, including a look at the day’s action on Wall Street.

DEFICIT RECOMMENDATIONS | A bipartisan panel appointed by President Obama has recommended a no-holds-barred list of possible spending cuts and reductions in tax breaks. Jim Lehrer will talk to an analyst for a look at what the proposal means for calls to trim federal spending.

HAITI’s RECOVERY | Jon Snow of Independent Television News returns to Haiti to gauge how earthquake victims are coping.

NYC SCHOOLS CHIEF RESIGNS | We look at New York City Chancellor Joel Klein’s impact on the nation’s largest school system and his surprising departure.

MODERN MEDIA ETHICS | Jeffrey Brown explores the ethical rules governing political advocacy in the world of journalism, newly brought to light by the suspension of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann over donations to political candidates.

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