Apr 14

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On a recent evening in Washington, D.C., a petite woman stepped onto a stage before a sold-out crowd. Her look was casual, but this was no soft-spoken, indie folk singer. It was Neko Case, who some critics say is in…

Constantine Cavafy, the greatest Greek poet since antiquity, never published a complete book of his poems during his lifetime. But last week, we got a new look at his work in two volumes.

Apr 10

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In the new novel, "A Mad Desire to Dance," Doriel Waldman has survived the holocaust as a youth and achieved professional success as a man only to find himself in his 60s barely hanging onto his sanity.

As Detroit's auto industry crumbles, leaving the state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation and substantial budget gap, state lawmakers are turning to alternative sources of revenue, notably from the film industry.

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