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Brad Leithauser Reads Humorous ‘Rabbit’ and Other Poems

Poet and novelist Brad Leithauser was born in 1953 in Detroit, Mich. He is the author of five books of poetry, “Hundreds of Fireflies” (1982); “Cats of the Temple” (1986); “The Mail from Anywhere” (1990); “The Odd Last Thing She Did” (1998); and “Curves and Angles” (2006); five novels, “Equal Distance” (1985); “Hence” (1989); “Seaward” (1993); “The Friends of Freeland” (1997); and “A Few Corrections” (2001); and a novel in verse, “Darlington’s Fall” (2002). He is also co-author of a book of light verse, “Lettered Creatures,” a collaboration with his brother, artist Mark Leithauser.

Leithauser teaches at Mount Holyoke College, where he is Emily Dickinson Senior Lecturer in the Humanities, a position he shares with his wife, poet Mary Jo Salter. “As a poet, I’m very interested in structures and what you might call the mathematics of poetry, the prosody of poetry, the stuff that is as independent of meaning as anything in a poem can be independent of meaning,” says Leithauser.

A graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School, Leithauser has received many awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship and a MacArthur Fellowship.

Transcript: Brad Leithauser

Brad Leithauser reads three more poems in this web exclusive.

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