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Cuban writer and son of revolutionary Che Guevara reads his poem, ‘The Concept’

Omar Pérez is a Cuban poet, translator, essayist, editor, ordained Zen Buddhist monk and the son of revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara. He graduated from the University of Havana in 1987 with a degree in English and then went on to study Dutch and Italian. He lives in Havana, where he read his poem “The Concept,” which was translated from Spanish by Kristin Dykstra. Photo and video by Frank Carlson and Steve Mort.

The Concept

In a revolution riddled with cavities, fillings are constitutional,
motions by an atrophied organ occur before a physician.
changes in mentality must be inspected in address records.
the army erupts into the streets following coordination with criminals
duly selected by the populace
in case seawaters rise, take a condom to the beachhead
swimming and fishing are prohibited until further notice
to see how fish react to the runoff
any act of contamination will be referred to the general office of taxation

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