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Quiz: Match the critic’s snark to the Oscar-nominated film

In a scene in this year’s Oscar-nominated “Birdman,” Michael Keaton’s washed-up actor character confronts his arch nemesis — a critic. The “Birdman” unloads on the fictional New York Times columnist, denouncing her “crappy opinions.” With the unflinching assurance of a villain, she responds, “I’m going to kill your play.”

It’s an exaggerated take on film critics, sure, but as the legendary Roger Ebert said, “We are all allotted an unknown but finite number of hours of consciousness. Maybe a critic can help you spend them more meaningfully.”

Ahead of the 87th Academy Awards, can you guess which Oscar-nominated film these critics’ reviews praised or bashed?

[polldaddy type=”iframe” survey=”D3367716FBBE8546″ height=”auto” domain=”dcvanessa” id=”guess-oscar-nominated-film-from-these-critics-reviews”]

Don’t forget to share your predictions before this Sunday’s Oscar ceremony.

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