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The Budos Band Hones a ’70s Sound

What do Ethiopian jazz, American funk, soul and ’70s rock ‘n’ roll have in common?

It’s the sound of the Budos Band, an instrumental group from Staten Island, N.Y., that draws influences from all of these genres.

“Basically at this point, we’ve scrapped calling ourselves a particular genre and just call ourselves ’70s instrumental music,” says Jared Tankel, whose baritone sax is blended with the other nine members’ intruments, including percussion, drums, guitar, bass, keyboard and trumpet, to create the Budos Band’s unique sound.

The Budos Band has been making music for nine years, practicing in an abandoned evangelical church on a dead-end street away from the Brooklyn music scene, which they believe allows them the space to create their own sound. This is where their style has evolved.

“We all have different tastes…but in terms of what we bring together when we press a record or when we go onstage, we’ve kind of all followed this path together, from initially really wanting to play Afro-Beat and then incorporating all these different influences,” Tankel says.

The Budos Band has three full-length albums on Daptone Records and is on tour now.

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