Here’s what a fantasy world full of ‘wayward creatures’ looks like

Amanda Louise Spayd brings to life doll-sized “wayward creatures” — all from a world that exists in her head. Produced and edited by Ashley Brook, WOSU.

Artist Amanda Louise Spayd has created a whole world populated by endearing doll-sized creatures. Her fabric creations bring to mind cast-off children’s toys and ill-conceived taxidermy experiments with crooked human teeth.

“It’s like an orphanage here. It’s like the halfway house for wayward creatures,” Spayd said.

Amanda Spayd

Their nervous and somewhat spooked appearance gives the impression they were either abandoned or literally loved to pieces.

“There’s a world that I wish existed, and as an artist I have a rare gift. And that gift is that I can make it, so I’m taking every opportunity I can to actually make this world in my brain happen. It’s very exciting.”

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