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The Lighter Side of Politics

For many who have been following and covering this campaign season, election day is the culmination of months of campaign ads and political analysis. Several of our public media colleagues have decided to add something a little lighter to their political reporting. Here’s a round-up of some pieces that show a more humorous side of politics:

Too soon for election hindsight? Perhaps. But WBUR’s Election Wire has a list of some of the more memorable moments from this fall’s campaign trail in Massachusetts. Todd Domke bestows names like “Most Disloyal Friend Since Brutus”, “Most Counterproductive Ad”, and “Most Sincere Failure” on some of this campaign season’s key players.

Todd Zwillich for The Takeaway will be providing his own election coverage. You won’t find any fancy wall-sized touch screens or holograms here. But, Zwillich does promise an array of political puppets (literally), a giant map of the U.S. and pie charts…made from real pies!

For some analysis of one of this campaign season’s biggest viral videos, NHPR’s “Word of Mouth” has you covered. The Internet can be a great tool for political candidates. But unfortunately for them, the videos that tend to get the most traction tend to be the least flattering. Brady Carlson reviews her favorite videos of the season.

WBEZ’s Justin Kaufmann provides us with a more sarcastic campaign-season wrap-up.
“I love the day before an election. This is when I collect all my fliers, yard signs, web sites and robo-calls and make an overnight trip to the desert, put on my ‘Best of Cream’ on my iPod, take some peyote and come to a decision. I will just repeat for hours: Who will be the state’s new comptroller? Who will be the state’s new comptroller…”
Kaufmann blames the media and the election cycle for over-saturation and subsequent low voter turnout.

And finally, for those of you with voter fatigue, tomorrow might be a good night to make some popcorn and cuddle up for a political movie. PRI’s “Hear and Now” has a few film suggestions for the politically inclined.

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