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The Tuesday Cutline…a Winner!

Moon men are so down to earth nowadays, aren’t they? Before we get to this week’s Tuesday Cutline winner, here’s the original caption to Glyn Kirk/ AFP/ Getty Images’ photo.

“Spectators in fancy dress walk across Chiswick bridge during the 159th annual Oxford University against Cambridge University boat race on the river Thames at Mortlake, west London on March 31, 2013. Oxford won the race, their 77th victory in the race which was first rowed in 1829.”

Several of you expected the astronauts to notice the lack of intelligent life on Earth and some played upon Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for man” quote (including NewsHour’s Ray Suarez). But this week’s winner mentioned the ongoing event that’s been on most people’s minds these days. That’s right: NCAA March Madness. Congrats to Greg Yotz Sr.! You’ll be winning a NewsHour mug for this winning caption:

“Louisville had to bring in backup to beat Wichita State.”

Thank you all for playing along. Join us next week for another Tuesday Cutline.

About the Tuesday Cutline: Every other Tuesday, we post a photo. You compose a witty/ funny/ creative caption, submit it by Friday at 5 p.m. ET in the comments section or on the NewsHour’s or Art Beat’s pages. The following Tuesday we pick one winner. Everyone celebrates.

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