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The Tuesday Cutline…a Winner!

We should have been prepared.

Post a photo of Darth Vader in a men’s bathroom and cue the innuendos. Before we get to our clever submissions and the Tuesday Cutline winner, here’s the original caption to the photo:

“A fan dressed as the character of Darth Vader is pictured in public toilets during a Star Wars convention on April 27, 2013 in Cusset. Photo by Thierry Zoccolan/AFP/Getty Images.”

Captioners, we’ll never think of a light saber the same way. Several of you couldn’t resist to include it in your caption, and many others thought this would be a great moment for Darth to declare, “Luke, I am your father.” But our winner wrote from the kid’s more innocent perspective. Congrats to Jerome Golfman! You’ve won a NewsHour mug for your caption:

Star Wars convention; photo by Thierry Zoccolan/AFP/Getty Images

“Do you mind? That breathing is very distracting.”

Thank you all for playing along. Join us next week for another Tuesday Cutline.

About the Tuesday Cutline: Every other Tuesday, we post a photo. You compose a witty/ funny/ creative caption, submit it by Friday at 5 p.m. ET in the comments section or on the NewsHour’s or Art Beat’s pages. The following Tuesday we pick one winner. Everyone celebrates.

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