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The Tuesday Cutline… a Winner!

Did you do a double take at last week’s bus-riding panda photo? Don’t even pretend that you didn’t have to verify that you were actually looking at person wearing a costume. Before we get to this week’s winner, here’s the original caption for STR/AFP/Getty Images’ photo:

“This picture from January 26, 2013, the first day of Spring Festival travel season, shows a lady wearing a panda costume sits in her train back to Cangzhou in Hefei from Beijing. The lady, together with other three female friends, said she would like to feel the special atmosphere of the Spring Festival traveling in this way.”

We received some terrific captions this week. A few cleverly referred to a “Panda Express” style of transportation and several suggested that the obvious snack of choice for a road trip like this would be bamboo. But our favorite caption played to our pun-loving side. Congrats to Danielle Abramson for your winning caption:

Woman in panda costume; photo by AFP/Getty Images

“And you thought your commute was unbearable…”

Thank you all for playing along. Join us next week for another Tuesday Cutline.

About the Tuesday Cutline: Every other Tuesday, we post a photo. You compose a witty, creative caption, submit it by Friday at 5 p.m. ET in the comments section or on the NewsHour’s or Art Beat’s Facebook pages. The following Tuesday we pick one winner. Everyone celebrates.

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