The Wood Brothers Make Austin Home

The stage was smaller and more intimate than where Austin City Limits’ bigger acts (Kings of Leon, Them Crooked Vultures and John Legend) were scheduled to perform. It was, in fact, one of the few times over the weekend that I wasn’t standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other music fans – somewhat surprising, considering the critically acclaimed Wood Brothers were on the bill.

“Can you believe how stupid all these people are not to be here?” the perspiring and dancing man next to me asked, a Tecate in hand.

Critics have been praising the Wood Brothers since their first studio project together, a 2006 modern blues and folk album called “Ways Not to Lose.” NPR named the album one of the best of the year.

Their follow-up album, “Loaded,” was released on Blue Note Records last year. “Like a tall glass of lemon iced tea, ‘Loaded’ balances its sweetness with depth and soul,” Paste Magazine said of the album.

Both brothers have found success in other projects, as well. Chris Wood is a member of the experimental jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood, while Oliver Wood performs in the blues/rock band King Johnson.

I caught up with the brothers after their 40-minute set on the BMI stage in Zilker Park:

Listen to “Postcards from Hell,” a song from the Wood Brothers’ album “Loaded”:

Listen to “Glad,” a song from the Wood Brothers’ album “Ways Not to Lose”:

Coming soon on the NewsHour, Jeffrey Brown has a report on Austin City Limits, the long-running concert series seen on PBS stations. Click here for our first meeting with the Wood Brothers, when we talked to them at Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble.