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Time-lapse artist shows us his vivid California dreams

Justin Majeczky’s time-lapse photography invites viewers to take a moment to see the beauty that surrounds us. Video produced by Marinda Johnson Gorman, shot by Martin Christian and edited by Victoria Rodriguez, KVIE.

Clouds move across an open night sky. The sun sets behind the skyline of Sacramento. Sunflowers shimmy in the breeze. All of these moments have been captured and preserved in several videos of time-lapse photography created by Justin Majeczky.

Majeczky felt inspired to make his own art after being moved by a well-known photograph by Steve McCurry of an Afghan girl in Pakistan. The portrait helped shift his perspective at a young age, and gave him a desire to have that impact on others.

Justin Majezcky

“Usually I try to give the viewer my point of view. That’s what makes art so wonderful, is that it’s completely subjective,” said Majeczky. Photo by Justin Majeczky

“A lot of people spend a lot of time in their homes and they don’t really get to go out and appreciate a nice sunset or sunrise or the stars or things like that and I wanted to show these people that this stuff exists; this stuff is here, there’s beautiful scenery just out your doorstep,” said Majeczky. “I’ve always liked video and I’ve always liked photography, so time-lapse was a perfect marriage between the two.”

The artist carefully plans each photo. He researches the location, taking into account the weather and the time of day. When he is in the field, he can take photographs for anywhere from 20 minutes to eight hours, so he wants to be prepared.

Justin Majezcky

Photo by Justin Majeczky

His time-lapse video of Sacramento has gained a lot of attention, having been featured on blogs and CNN. As of now, the Vimeo video has 194,000 plays.

“I heard a good quote once: ‘The difference between a professional photographer and an amateur photographer is a professional photographer has already made all the mistakes,’” said Majeczky. “I take that to heart. I think that’s completely true. I have a failed a lot and you will too, but that’s part of learning.”

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