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Tool$ Tuesday | The Bush Tax Cuts

Today’s Tool$ Tuesday is another look at how the tax cuts might be implemented.

Making Sense

This Bush Tax Cut tool comes by way of the Tax Policy Center, a much-appreciated think tank in today’s hyper-polarized environment.

Thankfully, in any news story, the TPC can legitimately be referenced as “non-partisan.” Here is its devoutly non-partisan tool for calculating your taxes under three scenarios:

1) Current law (ie, WITH the Bush tax cuts still in place);

2) With the Bush tax cuts allowed to expire;

3) President Obama’s 2011 tax proposals.

You do have to plug in some of your own key tax data. But the results come quickly, are easy to read and, at least in my case, were quite surprising.

And last week’s Tool, The Great Tax Cut Debate from Business Week, was our Tool$ Tuesday inaugural.

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