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Tuesday on the NewsHour: Indianapolis Museum of Art Breaks New Ground

In a city known more for its sports teams than for its art scene, the Indianapolis Museum of Art is making moves to redefine itself as a center for contemporary art, with the addition of a new art park.

Tuesday on the NewsHour, Jeffrey Brown goes to Indiana to talk to the curator, artists and patrons involved in the transformation at the IMA.

The full segment will be posted as soon as it’s available. For now, Jeffrey Brown talks to Jessica Dunn and Michael Runge, two art students who have been living on a human-made island in the middle of the art park as part of a collaborative installation created by artist Andrea Zittel. Dunn and Runge have documented their stay on the island (including how they interact with other people who come through the park, and sometimes onto the island) on their website and on Twitter.


Editor’s Note: You can also watch Jeffrey Brown’s extended interview with museum curator Lisa Freiman here. Plus, find more videos created by and about the Indianapolis Museum of Art on Art Babble.

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