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Tuesday’s Art Notes

The shrapnel-riddled Martyrs' Statue is pictured in the Lebanese capital Beirut. Photo by Joseph Eid/ AFP/ Getty Images

The shrapnel-riddled Martyrs’ Statue is pictured in the Lebanese capital Beirut. The statue witnessed Lebanon’s civil war before being dismatled and hidden until the conflict ended. It was later returned to its original place with the marks of war deliberately left on it as a reminder to Lebanese people about the atrocities of the war. On April 13, 2010 Lebanon commemorates the 35th anniversary of the start of the civil war, which broke out the same day in 1975. Photo by Joseph Eid/ AFP/ Getty Images


PBS has a new presence in one of New York’s major culture hubs. Thirteen/WNET opens its brand new studio at Lincoln Center on Tuesday, via New York Times.


The Whitney has been working on getting new digs of its own — expanding to a satellite site in downtown Manhattan — for a couple of years, but the planning has caused serious disagreement between members of the museum’s board, via New York Times. Times critic Roberta Smith considers the best path for the Whitney and offers suggestions.


Late musician Alex Chilton did not have health insurance, and did not seek medical attention in the week before he died in part because of that fact, according to his wife, via The Times Picayune and the AV Club.


Google has purchased a tech start-up company called Plink that offers a visual search engine that can identify a work of art from a photo you take on your cell phone, via San Francisco Chronicle.

Last week on Modern Art Notes, Tyler Green wrote about the way Google essentially ranks famous works of arts for users with their image search engine. He tests to see what Google comes up with as the top hit for several famous artists.

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