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WATCH: Critics pick their favorite film performances of 2017

As soon as Mariah’s perennial Christmas favorite rings out from your local grocery store, it’s the time of the year when Hollywood awards season goes into full force.

Critics’ circles across the country — well, New York and Los Angeles, mainly — hand-wring over their favorite performances in film this year, leaving us to wonder why “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” managed to crack any best-of lists.

The NewsHour’s Jeffrey Brown talked with two critics — Mike Sargent of WBAI and Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post — on their personal favorites that graced the silver screen this year.

Sargent singled out actor James Franco’s impression of notoriously bad director Tommy Wiseau in “The Disaster Artist.” The movie, also directed by Franco, re-creates scenes behind filming the supremely confusing and unintentionally funny “The Room,” a 2003 movie that has an unexplained spoon theme.

Hornaday chose Tiffany Haddish’s scene-stealing role in “Girls Trip,” a box office hit comedy that should receive more award season love than it’s garnered.

Haddish also notably was passed over for a Golden Globe nomination.

At the very least, we should credit Haddish for compelling us to have more “joyful greens” in our lives.

You can watch Jeffrey Brown’s full conversation with Hornaday and Sargent on Friday’s PBS NewsHour.