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WATCH: Family of ‘off-roading’ unicyclists savor Alaska’s rough terrain

George Peck began riding unicycles around Seward, Alaska, in the 1980s. Eventually moving on to riding the ultimate wheel — a unicycle with no seat — on mountains and beaches, Peck pioneered the sport of rough-terrain unicycling and began a family tradition carried on by his children, Kris and Katie Peck.

Rough-terrain unicycling is closely tied to the culture and topography of Alaska. Beaches, mountains and trails make up most of Seward, where the family lives. “In Seward, rough-terrain unicycling comes out of necessity,” Katie said.

The art of unicycling benefits the participants by forcing them to focus on the moment, according to Peck. “You’re not thinking about anything else,” he said.

Video by Hanna Craig. Music by Starship Amazing. Archival Footage courtesy of Kris Peck. Photos courtesy of Carol Griswold. Local Beat is an ongoing series on Art Beat that features arts and culture stories from PBS member stations around the nation. 

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