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WATCH: That time comic legend Don Rickles roasted PBS

Video by American Masters PBS

Comedian Don Rickles, the so-called Merchant of Venom, died Thursday at his Los Angeles home. Rickles’ publicist said the cause of death was kidney failure. He was 90.

Everyone from former President Ronald Reagan to Frank Sinatra to the Los Angeles Dodgers to the patrons at his comedy shows were the targets of his barbed insults. PBS was no exception.

Shortly after news of Rickles’ death, PBS’ “American Masters” released an interview outtake of the insult comic from its 2005 Bob Newhart profile. In the clip above, Rickles — in-between light ribbing of Newhart, a fellow comic legend — pokes fun of PBS and Charlie Rose, the newsman who has a long-standing show aired by the public broadcaster.

Just watch the clip, ya hockey puck.

The clip is an outtake of the 2005 documentary “American Masters — Bob Newhart: Unbuttoned.”