Wednesday on the NewsHour: Trey McIntyre Project Finds a Dance Partner in Boise

The Trey McIntyre Project is a world renowned contemporary ballet company located in Boise, Idaho. Correspondent Jeffrey Brown reports on the unique partnership that has developed between the company and the community over the last three years. It’s one that many people think is a model for other arts organizations.

[Watch Wednesday’s NewsHour segment here.

Choreographer and founder Trey McIntyre wants to bring dance to as many people in as many different forms as possible. It’s why his company performs spontaneous dance events at restaurants and office sites throughout the Boise area. It’s also why the Trey McIntyre Project is one of four companies chosen for DanceMotion USA, a State Department cultural diplomacy program that will send the companies all over the world.

McIntyre is also experimenting with making dance videos to show online. The NewsHour tagged along as he shot a recent video with dancer Ilana Goldman…in three feet of fresh snow.


In addition to dance, Boise is home to the largest Basque population outside Spain. Earlier this year, McIntyre created a dance to honor that Basque tradition. Here’s is an excerpt of that dance:



And here’s an extended interview with McIntyre: