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Wednesday’s Art Notes


Workers repair a Moais — stone statue of the Rapa Nui culture — on Easter Island, 3700 km off the Chilean coast in the Pacific Ocean, on July 9, 2010. Hundreds of scientists, tourists and locals flocked to Easter Island to see the almost five-minute total eclipse on July 11. Photo by Martin Bernetti/ AFP/ Getty Images

National Geographic has more photos of the eclipse here.


A New York appeals court threw out the FCC’s indecency rules that limit what can be said and shown on TV, via the Los Angeles Times.


Eleven record labels have filed a lawsuit against adult Internet sites for using their songs without permission, via the Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times reports on the sorry state of Iraq’s Museum of Modern Art (once the private collection of Saddam Hussein), including its struggles with conservation and preservation without proper climate control.


A Houston museum is staying open to visitors 24 hours a day until its pungently perfumed “corpse flower” blooms, via the Houston Chronicle.


The Milwaukee Art Museum “transforms” into a movie set, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.