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Weekly Poem: (Interior Life of Tumbler:

Spare me the sweet sediment. Spare me the instant sour mix. Spare me

the flat beer of your sympathy. So I’m young, big deal, so I still weep in terror
at the insatiable whine of an Electrolux vacuum cleaner. I’ve got rent to pay,
extravagant emotions, a noisome hereafter grander and greedier
than you’ll tap in our two days’ acquaintance. Big deal,
my parents call Sundays, spare me, send mittens and clippings of high-
grade grubbers no thanks rubbing up to Security’s leg like the one-eyed cat
I sat for two weeks of Ramen spare me Noodles. Nosebleed East Siders, spare
me the change from your Bencharong teacup, your Boshanlu censer, no sense my Bunsen
burner can’t compete for hardwire heat I seek I seek I seek
truth and ye shall bruise.)

Julie Sheehan is the author of three poetry collections: “Thaw” (2001, Fordham Univ Press); “Orient Point” (2006, W.W. Norton & Co.), which won the Barnard Women Poets Prize; and “Bar Book: Poems and Otherwise” (2010, W.W. Norton & Co.), from which “(Interior Life of Tumbler:” is taken. She teaches in the MFA program at Stony Brook Southampton.

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