Weekly Poem: ‘Rage Sonnet’

By Hoa Nguyen

Rage on the grinding spot
Independence Day    Rag laundry day
My boy wears shark pajamas
Mother ran large food trays   sore

shoulders    Lobster surf & turf
It’s Independence Day 2011
We may have been poisoned
by Operation Ranch Hand

I am not dead yet
Ezra Pound in my D.C.
Charles Olson dream “It is
so much harder to be a poet now.”

they say to me    Lack of rain and the #30
bus may run now all the way to downtown

Pic_1_homepage_square_thumbnail.jpgBorn in the Mekong Delta and raised in the Washington, D.C., area, Hoa Nguyen studied poetics at New College of California in San Francisco. With the poet Dale Smith, Nguyen founded Skanky Possum, a poetry journal and book imprint in Austin, Texas, where they lived for 14 years. The author of eight books and chapbooks, she currently lives in Toronto, where she teaches poetics in a private workshop and at Ryerson University. Wave Books published her third full-length collection of poems, “As Long As Trees Last,” in September 2012.

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