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Weekly Poem: ‘See You Tomorrow Night’

By Terri Witek

In dreams we travel incognito
through border towns that seem familiar.
Did we live here? We don’t know,

though guards with flashlights and de trop
hats and badges assure us ours are similar.
In dreams we travel incognito

but accompanied: I shoulder sorrow
like a purse, you jingle tag-ends of desire.
Will these be useful? We don’t know.

A voice laments in tremolo
we’ve pilfered bread and song and pleasure.
In dreams we travel incognito

and don’t avoid absurd tableaux;
we temporize in all vernaculars.
What do we promise? We don’t know.

When the world pinks, dream roads touch and go
as we do, fellow artificers.
In dreams we travel incognito.
Terri Witek is the Art & Melissa Sullivan Chair in Creative Writing at Stetson University. She is the author of “The Shipwreck Dress,” (2008, Florida Book Award Winner), “Carnal World” (2006), “Fools and Crows” (2003), and “Courting Couples” (2000 Center for Book Arts Prize).

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