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What Job Seekers Are Hoping to Hear in Obama’s Jobs Speech

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When President Obama outlines his jobs plan Thursday evening before a joint session of Congress, many of America’s unemployed will be listening for specifics that will help them out of the unemployment line and into a job.

We interviewed folks at a monthly networking meeting for unemployed executives in the Chicago suburbs to find out what they are hoping the president will say in his speech.

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Julian Blumenthal, unemployed 15 months

“I don’t think that people realize that we are in a really good situation to bring manufacturing back to this country. I believe the government should be helping that process.”

Laura Beal, unemployed two months

“[President Obama] really needs to step it up. I mean, one of his goals was to get America more highly educated because our rating internationally has fallen in the past several years and I have not seen that really happen.”

Peter Sturdivant, unemployed three years

“What I want to hear is not a couple hundred million, because the current contractors can absorb that amount of work. I really want to hear $500 billion.”

Linda Spinelli, unemployed over a year

“I would certainly like to hear from the president how they’re going to support shovel-ready projects in the state and local areas so we can put all our construction employees back to work.”

Leonard Lamkin, unemployed two and a half years

“I would like to see something in the president’s statement where I could withdraw from my 401 (k), tax-free, penalty free, if I use it to pay for my mortgage, and to get health insurance.”

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